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HostnExtra Academy is accessible and affordable IT training institute. We provides curated career paths and certification preparation for professionals at all levels. It will help you to get a job or start a new business.

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Choose the right program to enhance your skills. Whether you’re looking for master program in full stack or cloud, we got your cover.

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Learn and Practice

Experice hands-on learning with our programs. Learn real-world knowledge and pratice it. Our qaulified trainers are here to help you.

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Get Certified

Get cerified with our project based content designed by industry-leading instructors. Test yourself with our practice exam.

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Learn with Project

We provide training based on real-world projects. It will help you to enhance your skill and build project like industry professionals.

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Build Project on Github

We provide basic training of Github. It is a popular software development platform. We push our project files over the Github platform.

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Interview Preps

Get benefit of 1:1 career coaching session with our industry professionals. The live moch internview the industry experts will help you with the interview.

Academy For Corporate

Upskill your team with our customised traning program designed by industry-leading instructors. It helps to stay competitive and contribute to your organization’s growth. Book a consultation and learn how HostnExtra academy train your team’s unique needs.

Make your path from the crowd and advance your career with HostnExtra Academy

Our Programs are designed to work on all the aspects of a web application, from designing UI (Front-end) to hosting and managing cloud servers. Our Programs cover a wide range of frameworks and tools. You will learn front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and many more advanced framework. You will gain knowledge in cloud technologies and Microsoft Azure.

Full Stack Mastery

Full stack mastery is a comprehensive program. It designed by industry-leading instructors. It gives you the skill and knowledge needed to become front-end and back-end developer.

Complete full stack development. front-end to testing the app.

Learn Java, Spring Boot, Hibernate JUnit, React, PostgreSQL.

3+ Real-world front-end and backend projects.

Create RESTful API using Spring Boot and connect to front-end.

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6 months



Cloud Mastery

Our cloud mastery program is an learning opportunity for anyone who is interested in understand and building career out of it. You will learn about cloud services, platforms, and hosting and managing application.

Learn complete cloud technology. We will cover advanced topics.

Program designed with leading cloud provider Microsoft Azure.

Learn, practice, and deploy Microsoft Azure cloud.

Get insights into cloud architecture, virtualization.

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6 months



Get ready to take the opportunity with HostnExtra Academy

Academy | Build Profile

Expert guidance on profile

Our expert will guide you with your profile (GitHub, LinkedIn) and help you with the resume. We will guide you on how to begin applying to set of job opportunities that match your career goal.

Academy | Mock Interviews

Series of mock interview

We arrange series of mock interview to make you prepared for the job interview. Our trainers will give you guidance for interview questions and enhance your interview skills.

Interview Prep

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