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HostnExtra’s accessible, affordable training platform provides curated career paths, threat-informed training, and certification preparation for professionals at all levels.

Develop your IT skills with our programs

With our all-inclusive courses, you may take an innovative step towards improving your IT skills and enhancing your career in technology. Our state-of-the-art curriculum is carefully designed to accommodate beginners as well as experienced, ensuring a smooth learning process for individuals of all skill levels.

Dive into a wide range of courses, such as cloud technology and full stack development. Our instructors are professionals in the field who offer practical knowledge to the online classroom and interactive learning environment. Enrol in our courses to stay ahead of the constantly changing tech industry.

Learn our courses HostnExtra
1. Learn

Enrol in our expert-led courses to enhance your IT career. These programmes are meant to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in the field.

Learn our courses HostnExtra
2. Practice

Put your IT skills to the test by simulating real-world projects, this ensures experiential learning and practical knowledge.

Learn our courses HostnExtra
3. Get Certified

Prove your knowledge and skill by the practicle exam and get certified. Our exam combained with practical and MCQ questions. It will help you get ready for your interview.

Launch Your Career in IT Industry

When trying to get started in a new IT sector, it might be challenging to know where to start, but HostnExtra Academy can assist! With professionally selected career programs and beginner-friendly topics, you may get the fundamental information and experience you need to break into the industry.

Job placement assistance.

We take immediate feedback from students to resolve any questions.

Live mock interviews with Industry Experts.

Course content and resources are designed to fulfil your team’s requirements.

We help you to supercharge your tech career

Get a job in the fastest growing industry. Hands-on, experience-driven learning at the core of our programs. Engage in building software projects like tech professionals. Get an extensive set of skills that will help you land the positions of cloud engineer or Fullstack Developer and provide you to succeed in the dynamic demands of the industry.

We will assist you with the job interviews. We refer you to the tech companies. We provide guidance to start applying to a diverse set of job opportunities.
Work on real-world project and build your own application. It will help you to showcase your skills to your next job interview or to start your own business.
We teach to solve problem which occurs in app development and cloud technologies. It helps to find unique solutions.