Prepare your team for the latest technology, all in one place

HostnExtra’s accessible, affordable training platform provides curated career paths, threat-informed training, and certification preparation for professionals at all levels.

Corporate Cloud and Development. The effective 3 framework

Our corporate full stack development and cloud technology course offers an extensive and customised approach to give your team the resources they need to excel in the tech industry. As such, it is the perfect fit for your team.

Our training ensures that your team can develop, deploy, and manage complete web applications with its well-crafted curriculum, which covers front-end, back-end, database as well as cloud technologies. We can customise the program as per your team needed.


Onboarding and get the team member up to speed quickly

Onboarding process is very seamless process. Once we establish the communication, we come to you and take the requirements like technologies you want to use to train your team, number of team members, duration and mode of the training like online or offline. Once we get all the information, we move the next step.


Create and assign customised training program to your team

Once we get all the required information, we maps out and customise your training based on your specific needs. We assign trainers and we customise the topics for your team. As per the mode and the schedule of the training, we start the training.


Start the training. Enable your team to prepare for the program

HostnExtra Academy offers in-depth course, hands-on labs and best-in-class practise to ensure your team gets trained properly. If any point your team doesn’t like our trainer, we will replace the trainer for your team.

Live Online and Offline Classes Led by Industry-Experienced instructors

Our instructor-led live training to ensure that your team excel the knowledge and skill in our program. We can have online and offline training mode. We prioritize hands-on learing. It enable student to apply that in real-world project.

Tailored made topics that meet your team requirements.

We take immediate feedback from students to resolve any questions.

Live session and insights from instructor’s background and experience.

Course content and resources are designed to fulfil your team’s requirements.

We help your team to stay ahead of emerging technology

HostnExtra Academy design the course to satisfy your expectation and deliver cutting-edge solution. So that your team will stay ahead of the curve in software development as well as cloud technology. Reach out for a free consultation and get know that how we can help your organization.

Our courses will provide your team with comprehensive skill set of full stack development and cloud technologies.
We provide practical, hands-on learning in our course. It will give your team to gain real-world experience.
We teach to solve problem which occurs in app development and cloud technologies. It helps to find unique solutions.