Dedicated Server Plans

Select a server plan and choose your preference for hardware, IP address and we’ll bring your dedicated server to life quickly,

Intel E5-2620v26C @ 2.50GHz32GB DDR31.2TB SAS30TB at 1Gbps$119.00
Intel E5-2620v26C @ 2.50GHz64GB DDR31.2TB SAS30TB at 1Gbps$139.00Deploy
Dual Intel E5-2630v26C @ 2.60GHz64GB DDR32x600GB SAS30TB at 1Gbps$145.00Deploy
Dual Intel E5-2665v28C @ 2.40GHz64GB DDR31.2TB SAS30TB at 1Gbps$149.00Deploy
Dual Intel E5-2667v28C @ 3.30GHz64GB DDR31.2TB SAS30TB at 1Gbps$154.00Deploy
Dual Intel E5-56456C @ 2.40GHz64GB DDR37x300GB SAS30TB at 1Gbps$210.00Deploy
Dual Intel E5-2640v28C @ 2.00GHz64GB DDR35x600GB & 3x300GB SAS30TB at 1Gbps$280.00Deploy
Dual Intel E5-56456C @ 2.40GHz96GB DDR38x600GB SAS30TB at 1Gbps$350.00Deploy
Dual Intel E5-2620v26C @ 2.10GHz128GB DDR38x300GB SAS30TB at 1Gbps$389.00Deploy

Quick Look on our Dedicated Servers Features

Multiple security & fail-over mechanisms in place to ensure high-availability.

Our network is powered by multiple Tier 1 upstream carriers.

Deploy your Server.You can get your server up and running within 8-24 hours.

Fast and Premium support. Our qulified support team is available 24/7.