Dedicated Server Plans

Select a server plan and choose your preference for hardware, IP address and we’ll bring your dedicated server to life quickly,

Intel 2xL54208C @ 2.50 GHz16GB DDR32 x 1TB HDD30TB at 1Gbps$70/moOrder Now
Intel 2xL56204C @ 2.50 GHz36GB DDR31 x 2TB HDD30TB at 1Gbps$100/moOrder Now
Intel E3-12304C @ 3.2GHz16GB DDR32 x 4TB HDD100TB at 1Gbps$132/moOrder Now
Intel E-22366C @ 3.4GHz64GB DDR32 x 960GB NVMe100TB at 1Gbps$219/moOrder Now
Intel E-21344C @ 3.50GHz32GB DDR3512GB SSD100TB at 1Gbps$246/moOrder Now
Intel E3-1270v34C @ 3.50GHz32GB DDR32 x 256GB SSD100TB at 1Gbps$264/moOrder Now
2 x Intel E5-2650v412C @ 2.2GHz64GB DDR34 x 960GB SSD100TB at 1Gbps$369/moOrder Now
2 x AMD EPYC 730116C @ 2.20GHz128GB DDR34 x 2TB SSD100TB at 1Gbps$589/moOrder Now

Quick Look on our Dedicated Servers Features

dedicated server hosting

Our Optional Enterprise Coverage protects against DDoS attacks.

dedicated server hosting services

Our network is powered by multiple Tier 1 upstream carriers.

what is dedicated server hosting

Deploy your Server.You can get your server up and running within 8-24 hours.

hosting non dedicated server ark

Fast and Premium support. Our qulified support team is available 24/7.